Will There be Faith? - Depends on Every Christian

This book is a modern manual for sharing a relevant, vibrant, enduring faith.

In the face of mounting obstacles, parents and educators find themselves increasingly challenged by the task of leading people toward lives of faith. Now Thomas Groome, a world-renowned authority in religious education, has created a contemporary, holistic approach to teaching Christian beliefs and values that offers real, effective solutions for today's parents and teachers.

"Groome has a unique ability to make the complicated seem simple; the abstract seem concrete, and the difficult seem easy." - James Martin, SJ, 

"Groome offers a remarkably balanced and hopeful account of the lifelong process of handing on the Faith in parishes, intentional Christian communities, schools and Christian households. He is one of the American Catholic church's greatest treasures.' - Richard R. Gallardetz, McCarthy Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology, Boston College

Published by Veritas

Thomas Groome is professor of theology and religious education at Boston College. He is the author of Christian Religious Education, widely regarded as the most important and influential contemporary work on the subject, and of Sharing Faith, a foundational work on Christian ministry. He is also the principal author of the Coming to Faith series, the bestselling K-8 religion curriculum in Catholic schools and parishes today. 

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