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Spirituality sets out to offer insights to its readers: on the Bible and the Liturgy, the ‘authentic sources of Christian spirituality,’ (Vatican II); on the teachings of the great Christian mystics and theologians on the spiritual life and prayer; on the spiritual experience of saintly Christian men and women, now and in the past.

Spirituality November/December 2018 

Ireland is famous the world over for its extraordinarily beauti­ful and varied landscape. It has inspired poets and writers down the centuries. Christine Halloran finds her brother’s poem the basis for a profound reflection.


One of the most profound privileges experienced by a pastor is listening to experiences by people who trust them. Roger Hickley recounts a deeply personal story related with the full permission of a friend.


The story of Oscar Romero, a bishop transformed from a cleri­calist outlook to one of profound compassionate towards his flock, became an inspiration for many fighting for justice and human rights in El Salvador. Sheila Curran relates how the archbishop was changed by his flock, both lay and cleric. After his assassination, the people immediately proclaimed him a saint, something the Vatican has finally caught up with.

One hundred years have passed since the end of one of the bloodiest wars in history. Chris McDonnell reflects on the pity of war quoting the words of some of the War Poets.

Even in societies that have become secularised, the Christmas Crib still holds a respected place at this time of year. Angela Hanley reflects on the astounding truth portrayed by the crib: ‘the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.’

 ‘If I had not brought you to see, you would not have believed’, the words of a woman who was living the aftermath of the frightful civil war in Rwanda. Jean Evans describes a visit to the country.


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