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The 2008 Crash, Ten Years on: Who Paid? 

David Begg analyses the disasters that befell the Irish economy and banking system, ten years ago. When asking what Ireland can learn from the experience, he quotes a saying of the late Frank Cluskey: ‘You don’t go through hell for the practice.’  

A New Agora for Europe 

Philip McDonagh, drawing on his diplomatic experience, reflects on the contrasts Pope Francis sees between the politics of ‘dominating spaces’ or ‘entrenchment’ and ‘the initiation of new social processes capable of engaging all individuals and groups’ in the search for new approaches. The result could be  ‘described as the aggiornamento of the values-led approach to European security’. 

Paul to the Galatians: Reminder and Challenge 

Barbara Whelan finds in Paul’s Letter to the Galatians ‘a timeless reminder of the meaning of the cross and a timeless challenge to the Christian today as to how we live out cruciform existence in the context of the circumstances and times in which we find ourselves.’ 

Trumps Thirty Years War 

Ian Linden sees frightening parallels between the religious conflicts now causing such damage in the Middle East and the Thirty Years War which devastated Europe in the aftermath of the Reformation. 

The Family in the Bible 

Archbishop Michael Jackson gives examples of how biblical accounts show that family life has always been a focus of change as well as a focus of continuity. 

Lectio Divina: Encountering the Living God 

Martin Magee, O.S.B., contrasts lectio divina and spiritual reading. He tells of how lectio divina is like a four-step dance with God, and reflects on its transformative power. 

Jesus and Poetry 

Enda McDonagh looks at how the ‘Gospel of Jesus Christ as recorded in the New Testament, explored and witnessed over two millennia, offers continuing insight into the human condition, its strengths and weaknesses, its potential for good and evil, its origins and destiny. From its quite different starting-points and stand-points in all its wonderful variations, real poetry exposes many of the same human dimensions in confirmation and critique. 

More Than Apologetics 

Daniel O’Connell reviews Why I Am a Catholic and You Should Be Too\ 

Escaping Totalitarian Culture 

Marie Hyland reviews Conscience before Conformity. 

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