Spirituality - July / August 2017

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July/ August 2017

 Vol. 23 Issue 133

Homeless and Alone - Marian Moran

Homelessness, with its attendant loneliness, is part of all major urban centres in our day. Marian Moran writes about what happened after an encounter with a homeless man on a Dublin Street.

Day by Day - Vincent Travers OP

Dorothy Day led a life that was quite out of the ordinary. Born into a non-believing family she was impressed early in life by the positive response of poor people to the victims of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Vincent Travers tells the story of her remarkable life - from atheist to believer. Her cause for beatification has been introduced. 

A Voice From Flanders Field - Jordan O'Brien OP

One hundred years ago, the world was at war. Initially, the conflict appealed to the idealism of many young men who left home to fight. Jordan O'Brien introduces the poetry of a young Irishman, Francis Ledwidge, who was largely self-educated. He died in the war, his poetry lives on. 

There Never Will Be Jobs For Everyone Again - Sean McDonagh

Despite the bombast of politicians who to get elected promise an abundance of new jobs, the reality is that modern technology means there never will be jobs for everyone again. In this context, Sean McDonagh argues for a basic income for everyone to ensure a decent standard of living in a brave new world. 

The Saintly Siblings of Sierra d'Aire -  Terence McLoughlin OP

This year marks the centenary of the extraordinary events that took place in Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Terence McLoughlin reflects on two young people, brother and sister, at the centre of the story. During his recent visit to the Marian shrine, Pope Francis declared Francisco and Jacinta Marto to be saints.

Outing Oscar -  John Scally

John Scally attempts to 'out' a lost talent reminding us of a little known aspect of Oscar Wilde's literary output: his writing for children. 


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