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 DL 2017 04 Apr Cover

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Doctrine & Life April 2017

Considering the Eighth Amendment:

A Plea for a Measure Debate John Scally is writing in the context of the Citizens’ Assembly considering whether article 40.3.3 of the Constitution, on the right to life of the unborn, should be repealed. He demonstrates how, while opposition to abortion was ‘an almost absolute’ in Christian history, theologians down the centuries were more nuanced in their approach than is often appreciated. He also addresses the many questions needing attention when examining where does the law come in.

Searching for the Transcendent in the Work of Francis Stuart

Eamon Maher looks at the work of controversial Irish novelist Francis Stuart. He shows how the development of characters in his novels mirrors the search taking place in the author’s own life to find meaning in a world ravaged by two wars and the extermination of millions.

Is There a Teenage Religious Crisis?

Michael M. Winters suggests that not until young people grasp the extent of human wickedness are they in a position to understand Christianity’s claim to be its remedy.

Discerning the Transcendent

Shane Mackinlay analyses the rise of secularity to highlight the continuing acknowledgement of transcendence in our culture. Drawing on the writings of Richard Kearney he stresses the critical need to be discerning in relation to claims of experiencing of the transcendent.

How an Augustinian Friar Became the Father of Genetics

Deirdre tells the story of Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884), Augustinian friar and scientist.

Divine Providence and Dominican Vocation

Romanus Cessario, O.P., addressing a group of young men considering the possibility of a vocation to the Order of Preachers, shows how the Order came into existence at a particular time in history. The need continues, under God’s providence, for skilled preachers to translate and communicate the substance of divine revelation.


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