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Doctrine & Life October 2017

The Reformation, 1517: Then and Now
Salvador Ryan, a professor of history, surveys the ways in which the Reformation has been celebrated or noted at significant anniversaries since 1517. For him, Roman Catholic portrayals of Luther have undergone a remarkable journey, while he suggests that a cautionary note needs attention: ecumenical interests, no less than confessional campaigns, may distort our understanding of the past.

The Council of Trent and the Missal of Pius V
Liam G. Walsh, O.P., continues – this article is Part Four in a five-part series – his analysis of the historical theology of the Mass. He shows how the Council of Trent, in mandating what became the Missal of Pius V, was attempting to deal with problems of its own era and to undo abuses.

Luther: 1517-2017 – From Conflict to Communion
Bishop John McAreavy outlines the provisions of the document jointly published in 2013 by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the Lutheran World Federation, to prepare for the five-hundredth anniversary of Luther’s Theses and the fiftieth anniversary of the start of Lutheran-Catholic dialogue.

Bach: Luther Put to Music
Patrick Claffey looks at Luther’s deep musical interests and at how J. S. Bach, whose compositions address liturgical needs more perhaps than do those of any other composer, expressed the pastoral insights Luther proclaimed.

Books Reviewed
Shouldering the Lamb: Reflections on an Icon, by Archbishop Richard Clarke
Serving Liturgical Renewal: Pastoral and Theological Questions – Essays in Honour of Patrick Jones, edited by Thomas R. Whelan and Liam M. Tracey


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