Doctrine and Life - January 2018

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Vol. 68 No.1

Sola Scriptura [I] What Did Martin Luther Mean by It?

Kieran O’Mahony, O.S.A., sets out the evolution of Luther’s thinking on a teaching that came to be seen as emblematic of the Reformation initiated by the Augustinian friar in Wittenberg.

Can We Share a Table?

In Part 3 of his five-part series, ‘Theology and Christian Discipleship’, Thomas O’Loughlin addresses the implications and ambiguities of living alongside fellow Christians in an era of division.

Eucharistic Presence and the Thinking of John Coventry

Owen F. Cumming outlines the thinking of a Jesuit thinker who made a notable contribution to inter-church understanding in the last quarter of the twentieth century.

A Questionable Development

Peter Phillips examines the liturgical regimen put in place by Pope Benedict XVI in the document Summorum Pontificum. More is at stake than the use of the Latin language and of the Missal of 1962.

A Dominican Sister’s Celtic Art Treasure Commemorates War Dead

Brendan Cardiff reflects on a visit to the Peace Oratory in Dun Laoghaire, on the vibrant artistic work of Sister Concepta Lynch, O.P., and on how a community found a way to commemorate the dead of World War I, even after Irish independence.

Christians and Muslims Seeking the Face of God

Marie Hyland brings together the thinking and insights of four mystics, two Christian and two Muslim.

Aquinas and the Way We Work Now

Jonathan Malesic places the extraordinarily productive working life of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the context of what we know of his last months on earth.

Shouldering the Lamb

Aidan Mathews welcomes the appearance of a new book from Archbishop Richard Clarke

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