Doctrine & Life - December 2017

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Vol. 67 No.10

The Authority of the Christian Faithful

Peter Phillips shows how Vatican II, for the first time, acknowledged lay people as having a part to play in the governance of the church. This, with a shift in the role the papacy plays, allows a stronger recognition of the value of subsidiarity, with Pope Francis moving the agenda forward.

Are We Short of Priests?

Thomas O’Loughlin, in Part 2 of his series, ‘Theology and Christian Discipleship’, indicates ways to refine our thinking on this much-debated topic.

European Democracy: What Can the Church Contribute today?

Ian Linden points to the need for an element of historical humility as the church struggles to engage its practical intellect with visionary insights. In the patchwork of identity politics now taking shape and in the face of populist revolts, the church could respond by seeking commitment to a politics underpinned by moral principles. It could also play a powerful role in educating for democracy.

Newman and Luther: What Church Buildings Can Say

Patrick Fintan Lyons, O.S.B., reflects on the layout and iconography of University Church, St Stephen’s Green, Dublin, built by John Henry Newman, contrasting its implicit vision of church with that set out by Martin Luther.

A Country Writer Exiled in the City: The Case of John McGahern

Eamon Maher analyses how the Dublin experiences of John McGahern showed themselves in and influenced parts of his writing, though his greatest work arose from his being more at ease in the countryside.

Broadening Our Approach to Sacramental Theology

Jessie Rogers surveys the thinking of Lizette Larson-Miller, as found in her work, Sacramentality Renewed, and teases out the rich implications of linking sacramentality with incarnation.

Preparation for Preaching Requires Love

Thomas McCarthy, O.P., reviews Speaking from within: Biblical Approaches to Effective Preaching, by Kieran O’Mahony.

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