Doctrine & Life February 2018

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February 2018

Vol. 68 No.2

Sola Scriptura II – The Later Reception of a Reformation Slogan

Kieran O’Mahony, O.S.A., continues his exploration of the topic of ‘sola scriptura’, enunciated by Martin Luther. He examines the use of the concept by other leaders of the Reformation, and how it affected the work of the Council of Trent. The Vatican II Constitution Dei Verbum re-calibrated the balance between Scripture and Tradition.

The Welfare State at 70

David Begg examines some of the benefits and problems attaching to post-World War II welfare state models.

Called: The Women in Ministry in Ireland Research Project

Anne Francis reports on the findings of a project investigating the experience of women in ministry in Ireland, across the Christian denominations, in preparation for a reflection meeting in March.

Does the Spirit Speak in Every Heart?

Thomas O’Loughlin, in Part 4 of his five-part series ‘Theology and Christian Discipleship’, reflects on the experience of living in a multi-faith world.

Mandela and Gutiérrez on the Long Walk to Freedom

John Scally discovered, on a visit to Robben Island, that Nelson Mandela had been interested in Catholic Social Teaching, and affected by it. This finding prompts him to relate the experience of Mandela to the theology of Gusatvo Gutiérrez.

That All May Be Free

Jessie Rogers, preaching at the opening of the 2018 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, insists: ‘You will meet the Risen Lord in worship when you meet him in life, on the road.’

Approaching Death

Martin Henry reflects on how death, ‘while it brings definitive separation in this life, can also be seen as something that binds people together, because it is the destiny we all have in common’.

Roger Bacon – the Franciscan Who Sought to Reform the Sciences

Deirdre Powell examines the life and work of the thirteenth century academic who ‘maintained that natural phenomena are to be studied diligently with the aid of mathematics and with experimentation.’

The Tercentenary of the Birth of Nano Nagle

Marie-Therese Cryan reviews Nano Nagle and an Evolving Charism.

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