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Religious Submission to the Pope 

Michael McGuckian, S.J., surveys the range of attitudes and teachings visible through the sweep of Church history towards the teaching authority of the Pope. He looks at the separation of the Western Church from the East, the reforms of the eleventh century, and the conciliar movement, leading to the disputes of the sixteenth century Reformation. He addresses the range of views at Vatican I, before outlining the process of drafting the Vatican II teaching on the topic. 


Brexit: the Ultimate Denouement of Ireland’s Independence Project? 

David Begg analyses the implications for Ireland of the shifting elements in the Brexit saga. He notes the opportunities if Ireland engages in closer cooperation within the EU with the Nordic countries and the Netherlands – all socially progressive, economically efficient and fiscally prudent. 


Junia, Phoebe and Prisca in Early Christian Rome 

Michael Peppard argues that Paul’s language in chapter 16 of the Letter to the Romans indicates that named women were teachers and leaders in early Christian Rome. 


Galileo Galilei (1564-1642): Man of Faith, Giant of Science 

Deirdre Powell outlines the life and work of Galileo, showing how he combined a genuine commitment to the faith with creative achievements in science. 


Incarnation, Apples, and the Eucharist 

Edward P. Echlin meditates on the ecological implications of every celebration of the Eucharist. 


A Woman for All Seasons 

John Scally reflects on the life and achievements of Nano Nagle and other creative women founders in Penal era Ireland. 


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