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Doctrine & Life
March 2020



Struggling Together after the Pan-Amazon Synod

Sheila Curran shows how Pope Francis, in his post-synod document Querida Amazonia, gave equal weight to the Synod’s own Final Report as to the papal reflection.

Letting Go

Archbishop Richard Clarke reflects on the importance of recognising when it is necessary to let go, even of a loved one or a valued project; but never to let go of the hand of Christ.

Friendship and European Integration

Patrick H. Daly sees the personal friendship between the founding figures of what became the European Union reflected in the many projects of the Union, such as Erasmus, which foster friendship across national boundaries.

The Roman Curia and the Governance of the Church

John O’Brien lists the principles of curial reform set out in the document Praedicate Evangelium. He gives the history of re-organisation of the curia since Vatican II, and suggests that, with Praedicate Evangelium, the church seems to be at the edge of a breakthrough into the reception and implementation of Vatican ll.

Economic Apostasy at Davos?

David Begg suggests that the insistence by Klaus Schwab, founder of the Davos Conference, that capitalism must reform in order to survive could put an end to the instance of so many economists that shareholder return must be the dominant concern in business.

Etiology of Transgender

Gerald D. Coleman continues his series by outlining theories as to how transgender orientation rises, whether it is because of the development of the brain in utero, or whether it is more a matter of social and psychological influences.

Requiem for Luke Dempsey, O.P.

Donagh O’Shea, O.P., preaches at the Requiem for a much-regarded friar whose influence was exercised mostly outside Ireland.

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