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Doctrine & Life
May-June 2020


How Deep Are the Well-Springs of Hope?

Cornelius J. Casey, C.Ss.R. shows how hope is deeply embedded in the Christian narrative. He insists that hope is not optimism: this is a matter of moral realism. In this, he finds support in the writing of Walter Benjamin, against the ideology of progress. His reflections can be focussed in the line from Charles Peguy, ‘The faith that I love the best, says God, is hope.’

A Pandemic Observed: Camus and the Coronavirus

Bishop Richard Clarke re-reads The Plague in light of the current crisis, and shows how ‘we are struggling in our setting to learn how we may move beyond the floundering individualism that has become so deeply ingrained in societal psyche.’

Mass Appeal: A Meditation

John Horgan finds that the present closure of all churches presents an opportunity to reflect on a life-time’s experience of Mass-going, and suggests that ‘we should use the opportunity to re-visit questions of liturgy in ways that can combine the universal with the deeply personal’.

No Man Is an Island

David Begg compares dealing with covid-19 with the worldwide anxiety that attended the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. ‘What is needed,’ he argues, ‘is a co-ordinated health, monetary and fiscal policy response to the crisis with a view to tackling the spread of the disease, managing financial shocks, stabilising economies and helping the vulnerable.’

Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich, 30 Years on

John Cooney is prompted by the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Cardinal O Fiaich (8 May 1990) to reflect on his scholarship, his commitment to peace-making, his influence on John Hume, and his pastoral skills.

Understanding Transgender Persons

Gerald D. Coleman addresses the suggestion in some academic writing that transgenderism may be nothing more than a dangerous fad. He outlines the biographies of prominent figures who have undergone gender assignment surgery, before reviewing literature on whether transgender feelings amount to a mental illness.

Privileges and Complaints

Sophia M. White reviews the Korean film Parasite.

What Do We Mean by God?

John Littleton reviews Like Father, Like Son, by Wilfrid Harrington.

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