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Doctrine & Life

October 2020

Spiritual But Not Religious

John O’Brien analyses a case-study carried out in Cumbria, considered representative of Britain, and he insists that ‘Transcendence and immanence; body and soul; earth and heaven; justice and holiness; are not in contradiction.’

New Horizons in Religious Life, Part 1

John Scally surveys how hard times are prompting Religious to confront hard questions about their lives and their ministries. This article appears in partnership with the Lumen Study Centre.

Christian Reconciliation in Ireland: Addressing the Challenge

Fergus O’Ferrall sees moving beyond sectarianism as presenting costly challenges.

How Black Lives Matter Can Help Irish Preachers Understand Their Vocation

Kevin Hargaden shows how preaching is central in African American protest movements, as communicating an inbreaking divine word, as being concerned with ethical matters, and as applying to a particular community of worshippers. He outlines the achievements of Antrim-born Rutherford Waddell in New Zealand, both as preacher and as a source of major social change.

The Challenge and Promise of an Ageing Society

David Begg points to Anthony Trollope’s radically dystopian novel The Fixed Period to analyse the social and policy implications of an ageing population in Ireland.

What Are They Saying about Transgender? 9/10 Challenging Issues

Gerald D. Coleman draws out the implications of public authorities re-defining the word ‘sex’ to mean ‘gender identity’ as it applies to bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, sports teams, and military service. He also addresses how the Churches should approach transgender persons.

Engagements ahead of Decisions

Dermot McCarthy reviews Irish Anglicanism 1969-2019: Essays to Mark the 150th Anniversary of the Disestablishment of the Church of Ireland.

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