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Doctrine & Life

January 2021

 Is Religious Life in Ireland Moving towards Closure?

Liz Murphy, RSM, reports on work carried out in The Netherlands and on her own researches. In interviews with 14 leaders of congregations in Ireland, she examined the present situation, with an eye to a model of ‘completion’ as a roadmap to inform future practice.

A New Vision for Community and Social Friendship

Sheila Curran, RSM, surveys the teachings and challenges to be found in Fratelli Tutti, by Pope Francis.

The Politics of Pope Francis

Part 2: The Pope’s Political Economy

Oliver P. Rafferty, SJ, shows how, in the Pope’s mind, political participation and commitment to social justice come, for the Christian, from faith and love and not from ideology. He questions Francis’ policies towards the persecution of the Rohinguy and towards China.

Genome Medicine: Possibilities and Pitfalls

David Begg tells of how scientists have been able to artificially produce the genomes for diseases such as polio and the extinct Spanish flu, allowing for the possibility of developing better vaccines to combat pandemics. He outlines the specific ethical problems that flow from these discoveries.

Back to Work

Angus Sibley examines the damaging impact of Covid on employment, and presents evidence that firms do better, even economically, if they are over-staffed in a way that enables them to give better customer service.

Speaking post-Covid:

Is the Traditional Homily Dead?

Thomas O’Loughlin surveys the many ways in which communications have changed during the pandemic, as people become accustomed to such aids as Zoom. Does people’s experience of such participatory forms of equidistant worship give a whole new meaning to the ‘dialogue homily’?

Testament of a Storyteller

Patrick Claffey, SVD, writes of the life, research and spiritual journey of Oliver Wolf Sacks, neurologist, naturalist, historian of science, and author.

A Beautiful Mind

John Scally reviews Psychiatrist in the Chair: the Official Biography of Anthony Clare.

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