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Doctrine & Life
October 2019

The Church of the Periphery

Bernard Treacy shows how articles in this issue relate to the commitment of Pope Francis to trusting the bishops of the Amazon region to advise on matters of concern both to the world at large and to the whole church.

The Pan-Amazon Synod: A Challenge for the Whole Church

Sheila Curran notes how, in light of the centuries-long suffering of indigenous people in Latin America, the consideration of climate change at the Pan-Amazon Synod starting on 6 October, like the CELAM conferences at Medellin and Puebla and Aparecida, is of significance for the whole church.

Mandatory Priestly Celibacy: 16 Theses

Sabine Schratz reports on a book published recently in Germany, in which the ‘strength of [the author’s] arguments derives from the fact that he does not break with the past but argues from within tradition.’

Renewed Spirituality to Underpin Ecological Conversion

Donal Dorr contributes the third and final article in his series.

The Implications of Cor Orans

Eleanor Campion concludes her three-part series on new Vatican legislation for monasteries of contemplative nuns, by showing how the Vatican document Cor Orans, though it has introduced some useful procedures, has also caused many problems.

Moral Responses to the Rise of Genetic Medicine

John Scally suggest that ‘rather than waiting for problems to arise and resorting to crisis management it would be more constructive to have adequate safeguards in place to ensure that people’s integrity will not be trampled on.’

How 12-Step Programmes Came about

Barbara Whelan tells the story of the formation of Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1939s. She shows how feminist approaches to the Christian doctrine of sin can help to raise a more critical understanding of the 12-Step programme.

Is There a ‘Problem of Evil’?

Martin Henry argues that ‘to retain an expression like “the problem of evil” in a world from which God has disappeared, is arguably still to continue endorsing, at least theoretically, belief in God’.

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