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Doctrine & Life

September 2021

David Tracy’s Theology – a Brief Introduction

Werner G. Jeanrond, of the University of Oslo, Norway, shows how David Tracy opened the way for a theology which acknowledges the provisional, pilgrim nature of Christian thinking and living – a pilgrim theology called to serve its three principal publics: Church, society and academy.

Catholic Conversations

John O’Brien insists that a reflectively aware, self-critical, Catholic theology does not confuse core elements of the faith received from the Apostles with culturally conditioned propositions designed to express that faith under changing, historical, socio-cultural conditions, now surpassed. The Holy Spirit, bestowing a variety of gifts, being the source of unity in the Church, unity is always unity in diversity. Thus, internal debates are a necessary part of being Catholic.

Russian Foreign Policy under Putin

David Begg continues his analysis of the changing world order. He analyses those factors which are levers of Russian foreign policy and the strength of the Russian economy, as well as examining the rise of personalist autocracies. Though the Russian population is restless, its leaders retain their sense of grievance and a distinct siege mentality.

Are We Too Many?

Angus Sibley shows how the growth of world population in the twentieth century, during which population almost quadrupled, has been utterly abnormal.  He finds in statements of popes from Pius XII to John Paul II acceptance of the insight that limiting family size can be morally acceptable for social as well as for personal reasons.

The Impact of a Song

T.P. O’Mahony examines the John Lennon song, ‘Imagine’, concluding that, in spite of its claims, religion remains one of the most important aspects of human life in the twenty-first century.

Taking God Seriously

John D. Hayes enters into the conversation between philosophers Brian Davies, O.P., and Michael Ruse.

Respectful Communication and Dialogue

Katie Dunne reviews Connecting Lives: Interbelief Dialogue in Contemporary Ireland.

What Influence Does Catholic Moral philosophy Have in Ireland today?

David Smith reviews Biomedical Controversies in Catholic Ireland: A Contemporary History of Divisive Social Issues.

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