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Doctrine & Life
November 2019

Challenging Questions

Editor Bernard Treacy introduces the first article in a series of 10 under the heading ‘What Are They Saying about Transgender?’, and outlines two new series to come in 2020. One will present the thinking of some makers of modern theology. The other will take up the challenge of the ARCIC document Learning to be Church by looking at ways in which the different traditions can learn from one another.

Pope Francis and the Winds of Change

Sheila Curran outlines the ministry and teaching of Pope Francis from his inspiring the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network, through his ground-breaking apology for the actions of the church towards indigenous people and his letter Laudato Si’, to the work of last month’s Amazon Synod.

Understanding Gender Incongruence

Gerald D. Coleman begins a ten-part series by explaining the concept and actuality of gender incongruence, distinguishing it from gender ideology.

Rituals of Death

Eamon Maher reflects on two acclaimed short stories – ‘The Weaver’s Grave’, by Seumas O’Kelly, and ‘The Country Funeral’, by John McGahern.

Guilt: Theological and Psychological

Mary Stefanazzi draws on the work of Victor White, O.P., to argue that ‘it is reasonable to call for theologians and psychiatrists / psychologists / psychotherapists to collaborate since they each have the same subject – the human person – and also purport to have the same aim, the healing of souls.’

The Pain of Victims of Sin

Barbara Whelan continues her series on ‘Children of Alcoholics: Towards a New Narrative’, by drawing on the work of Korean theologian Andrew Sun Park, whose starting point is the experience of those who have been sinned against.

René Descartes (1596-1650)

Deirdre Powell introduces the life and thinking of the father of modern philosophy.

A Better World Is Possible

David Begg reflects on Pluralism and Peace: the Religions in Global Civil Society, by John D’Arcy May.

Amongst Writers

John Scally reviews Essays on John McGahern: Assessing a Literary Legacy, edited by Derek Hand and Eamon Maher.

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