Spirituality - Jan/ Feb 2018

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January/February 2018 

Vol. 24 Issue.136

Does God Speak English? - Ruth A Henderson

The text of the Roman Missal, currently in use in the English speaking world, has been controversial since its introduction after 2001. Ruth A Henderson, a professional translator of Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese texts into English, outlines the criteria that would ensure an accurate and prayerful translated text. She concludes on professional as well as faith grounds that the text at present in use falls far short.

Sixty Years a Priest - Liam Walsh OP

At a time when the Catholic priesthood is widely criticised due to the inappropriate behaviour of some clerics, it is important to remember that the vast majority of priests have been faithful to their calling. Liam Walsh reflects on 60 years of priesthood as a Dominican minister of the Gospel.

Reformation 500 - Brian O’Leary SJ

Last November saw the 500th anniversary of the movement begun by Martin Luther (and others) that came to be known as the Protestant Reformation. Brian O’Leary looks back at the turbulent century that divided the Church of Christ, and seeks to re-evaluate the role of Luther himself.

In the Spiritual Tradition - Eileen Casey

Patrick Kavanagh, one of the best known modern Irish poets died just 50 years ago in 1967. Eileen Casey seeks to show how he fits into the tradition of such eminent poets as Blake, Milton, Emily Dickinson and Seamus Heaney.

The True Freedom of Marie Martin - Brian J Nolan

The Martin family who grew up in the French town of Lisieux probably hold a record in that all five surviving members of the family joined religious life. Brian Nolan, a frequent

contributor to this journal, outlines the life of the eldest Martin girl, Marie who joined the same Carmel as three of her sisters.

Towards a Spirituality of Education - John Scally

John Scally interviews Mark Patrick Hederman, the former Abbot of Glenstal Benedictine monastery on his view of a spirituality of Catholic education.

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