Spirituality - July/August 2018

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Spirituality July/August 2018 

The Student and the Tramp 

Edward Walsh 

As the drift away from Christian belief towards the secular continues apace in Europe, the need for gospel insights to guide human behaviour becomes ever more relevant. Edward Walsh recounts a pedestrian incident that led to an unpredictable, and gratifying result. 


Applied Spirituality 

Martina Breen 

The experience of others continues to interest and fascinate us. Martina Breen tells her story of how, relatively late in life, she discovered the practical advantages of studying spirituality. 


Saint of Smiling Service: St Gianna Molla 

Tom Russell 

The Catholic Church for over 2000 years has recognised the working of grace in the lives of God’s people. Tom Russell introduces us to the life of an Italian doctor who was also a wife and mother, and who was proclaimed a saint by the Church.  


Unpacking ‘The Joy of the Gospel’ 

Jean Evans 

Pope Francis has in a short period of time gifted powerful teaching not only to the faithful but also to people of goodwill beyond the confines of the Church. Jean Evans ‘unpacks’ one of his letters which reminds us that the gospel of Jesus brings joy into human life. 


The Short Life of Maria Goretti 

Rita Piro 

The tragic story of a young Italian girl gripped the Catholic imagination during the mid-twentieth century. Rita Piro tells the story of Maria Goretti and how her murderer, having been forgiven and made peace with her mother, was in attendance at the canonisation of the 12-year-old during the Holy Year of 1950. 


Wisdom at the Crossroads 

Eoin Garrett 

The story of Irish Jesuit, Michael Paul Gallagher is presented in a review of a recent biography. 


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