Spirituality - Nov/Dec 2017

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November/December 2017

Vol. 23 Issue.135

A Moment of Grace - John Scally

They called her the ‘Mother Teresa of Sydney.’ John Scally recalls an encounter with a woman who, inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan, dedicated her life to the care of the poor, the homeless, the outcast in Australia.

The Idolater’s Prayer - Roger Hickley

The ministry of Jesus was to the ‘least deserving’, as contemporary society often refers to the poor and the needy. Roger Hickley reflects on his growing awareness of his own need and realisation of God’s unmerited love for him despite his frequent failure to respond.

Learning to Read Scripture Critically - Myra Noonan

For many Catholics growing up in the past, the catechism was more familiar than the Book of the Scriptures. Myra Noonan describes how she has moved from unfamiliarity with the text of the Bible to allowing herself to be challenged by modern scholarship on interpretation and understanding.

The God who gives Growth - Conor McDonough OP

The New Testament is often seen as standing alone without the realisation that it has to be understood against the background of the Jewish Scripture, the Old Testament. Conor McDonough shows how a familiarity with the Old helps to enrich our understanding of the New Testament.

A New Translation of the Roman Missal - Ruth A Henderson

Many people have come to express dissatisfaction with the current English translation of the Roman Missal, which they find stilted, awkward and not prayerful. Ruth Henderson comments on the good news announced by Pope Francis: that new translations are to be prepared, responsibility for which is to be in the hands of local Bishops’ Conferences.

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