Spirituality - Sept / Oct 2017

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September/October 2017

Vol. 23 Issue 134

Walking a Labyrinth - Trudelle Thomas

Becoming a step-parent is a major challenge for any woman. Trudelle Thomas reflects on her 25-year experience and shows how family relationships won out in the end.

Awake from your Slumber - John Scally,

Those who lived when John XXIII, (the stop-gap Pope) was elected, and who experienced the heady years of Vatican II, will remember the personalities who came to the fore during that time. John Scally reflects on the post-conciliar Church, focusing on the remarkable contribution made by Fr Austin Flannery op.

Betrayal and Blessing - Kevin Gorman SMA

A recent exhibition mounted by the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin featured the work of the gifted Italian painter Caravaggio. Kevin Gorman reflects on two of his masterpieces, The Taking of Christ and The Supper at Emmaus. The exhibition was also seen in London and Edinburgh (until 24 Sept).

Is there Hierarchy in Heaven? - Mary Bridget Judge

For many believers, the experience of hierarchy in the Church does not seem to tally with what they read in the New Testament. Bridget Mary Judge pleads for a return to the teaching and practice of Jesus in the gospel.

Living with Cancer - Michael Commane op

The issue of cancer is never far from our consciousness being much featured in today’s media as wonderful new treatments are reported. Michael Commane reviews a book written by a woman living with cancer who shares her experience for the benefit of others.

That Boring Sermon - Edward Walsh

Edward Walsh being on the receiving end of sermon and homily offers some thoughts from the pew.

A Feminine Mystical Way for our Times? - Frank Regan

Frank Regan writes about Beatrice Bruteau ‘who worked on describing a new feminine spirit which emerges from an old hierarchical order; a new relatedness which leads to community; and a new humanity for a new earth.

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