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Spirituality sets out to offer insights to its readers: on the Bible and the Liturgy, the ‘authentic sources of Christian spirituality,’ (Vatican II); on the teachings of the great Christian mystics and theologians on the spiritual life and prayer; on the spiritual experience of saintly Christian men and women, now and in the past.


September-October 2020


Retrieving the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Joseph Kavanagh

One of the most noteworthy changes to have taken place in the Catholic Church in recent times is the near disappearance of confession, now called the sacrament of reconciliation. Joseph Kavanagh offers some thoughts on the subject and suggests some steps towards retrieving the beautiful sacrament of healing, mercy and forgiveness.

Cocooning as Spacious Solitude

Anne Alcock

The ‘virus’ continues to plague all people throughout the world. The experience of lockdown has enabled many to discover the positive side and see opportunities. Anne Alcock reflects on how she has responded to the pandemic.

Remembering Vichy France

Eamon Maher

Seventy-five years after the end of the Second World War reminds us of the futility and dreadful suffering of war yet wars continue to be used to settle disputes. Eamon Maher presents a personal viewpoint from the diary of a French Jew who managed to survive undetected in Nazi-occupied France.

Interconnectedness in a Coffee Cup

Mary Bridget Judge

The most ordinary activities of everyday life can tell a story. Mary Bridget Judge reflects on her morning cup of coffee to discover the worldwide ramifications of such an ordinary event.

Thomas Merton’s Monastic Spirituality

Marie Fahy OCSO

The Cistercian monk, Thomas Merton recounted his life-story including his conversion to Catholicism becoming one of the most widely read spiritual writer of recent times. Marie Fahy, a Cistercian abbess, reviews a new book by Bonnie Thurston and suggests Merton’s spirituality is for all, not just for monastics.

The Firemen’s’ Friend: Fr Mychal Judge OFM

Tony Galcius

The attacks on the Twin Towers in New York left many people traumatised not least because they were witnessed live on TV by thousands. Tony Galcius tells the story of the New York firemen’s chaplain, Mychal Judge who was one of the thousands of victims.


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