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Spirituality sets out to offer insights to its readers: on the Bible and the Liturgy, the ‘authentic sources of Christian spirituality,’ (Vatican II); on the teachings of the great Christian mystics and theologians on the spiritual life and prayer; on the spiritual experience of saintly Christian men and women, now and in the past.

Spirituality: March/April 2019

The Shattered Vessel

John O’Neill

The painful issue of sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults continues to capture headlines. John O’Neill relates the experience of a Catholic priest who failed and in turn, became a victim.

‘Going to Mass’

Donagh O’Shea

The phrase ‘Going to Mass’ was once widely used to describe the Sunday obligation of Catholics. For many, the obligation outweighed any other likely benefit. Donagh O’Shea replies to a query suggesting wise and helpful ways of participating in the Eucharist.


Art, Truth and Beauty: Sister Wendy Beckett

Michael Ford

Many of our readers will have become familiar with an unlikely star of television. A contemplative nun, Wendy Beckett who died just after last Christmas Day, attracted millions of viewers to her television programmes on art and beauty. Michael Ford reflects on her life and ministry.

 ‘No hands but yours’ – Elizabeth Mary Judge

Clericalism: man-as-small-god – Angela Hanley

The issue of clericalism has been singled out by Pope Francis as a serious issue in the Church of our time. Elizabeth Mary Judge and Angela Hanley look at different aspects of the issue and suggest ways forward.

 Pathways to Holiness: Pierre Claverie

Martin McGee

During the 1990s when violence was sweeping through the Islamic world, Pierre Claverie, a Dominican priest ministering in North Africa, together with 18 others, was assassinated by Islamic extremists. He was bishop of Oran in Algeria. Martin McGee outlines his life and suggests how we can learn from the witness of his life and teachings.


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