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Spirituality sets out to offer insights to its readers: on the Bible and the Liturgy, the ‘authentic sources of Christian spirituality,’ (Vatican II); on the teachings of the great Christian mystics and theologians on the spiritual life and prayer; on the spiritual experience of saintly Christian men and women, now and in the past.


July-August 2020


‘That’s for you, Jesus’

Roger Hickley

We are made in such a way that we want to understand, hence the child continually asks, ‘Why?’ Roger Hickley offers an experience that can help us all to reflect on the deeper questions of life.

Glendaough: St Kevin and the Blackbird

Paul Corcoran

For those who have had the good fortune to visit Glendalough, (Glen of the Two Lakes) in Ireland the stories associated with the mystic Kevin retain their power to provoke thought and prayer. Paul Corcoran reflects on the relation between place, tradition and faith.

Moments of Grace

Marie-Henry Keane OP

Events of everyday life that we consider ordinary can often present us with an opportunity to think about the deeper meaning. Marie-Henry Keane shares with us how she learned from listening to the experience of people utterly different from her.

Julien Green’s ‘Journal Integral’

Eamon Maher

Have you ever wondered why the lives of others have such a wide­spread appeal? Why books, telenovellas and the doings of prominent peo­ple are so popular? Eamon Maher tells the story of the writer Julien Green whose personal life was, to say the least controversial. It was a life lived knowingly against the challenge of the Good News of the teacher from Galilee.

A Theologian Reflects on Covid-19

Paul Murray OP

The reality of Covid-19 is still with us and may continue for some years before an effective vaccine is found. Paul Murray presents a number of reflections on its significance for the human family, and how people might be helped to live with the phenomenon.

Mourning Into Dancing

Thomas Azzi OP

Prayer is at the basis of the life of faith. It is clear from the gospels that Jesus’ life was lived intensely united to his Father and he invited his follow­ers to do the same. Thomas Azzi explores the experience of how difficulty in the actual practice of prayer can lead to progress and tranquillity.


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