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Spirituality sets out to offer insights to its readers: on the Bible and the Liturgy, the ‘authentic sources of Christian spirituality,’ (Vatican II); on the teachings of the great Christian mystics and theologians on the spiritual life and prayer; on the spiritual experience of saintly Christian men and women, now and in the past.


November-December 2020


Advent 2020

As we move towards the end of the year, the Christian world prepares for a fresh beginning. The season of Advent is a time of hope which is particularly needed in a time of pandemic. John O’Neill and Sally Witts offer much to think about, while Bonnie Thurston reflects on darkness as a positive value.

Christmas Past

Paul Balfe

They talk about cancelling Christmas as if that were even remotely possible. Paul Balfe catches the spirit of the great feast with his poignant evocation of Christmas past.

Dorothy Day: Saint or Sinner, Crackpot or Prophet?

Mary Bridget Judge

The history of the People of God is filled with the most diverse of people, both saints and sinners. Mary Bridget Judge begins a short series on the extraordinarily unique story of Dorothy Day described in turn as communist, nurse, crack-pot, suffragist, convict and saint.

Mary: Unifying Inter-Religious Figure for Today

Colm Mealy

The world of Islam has been brought to our attention over recent years largely through the presence of Muslim migrants in our midst. Colm Mealy writes about Mary, the Mother of Jesus who is deeply revered by the Muslim faithful and sees her as a unifying force between Christian and Muslim.

God’s Compassion and Planet Earth

Marie Henry Keane

There can hardly be anyone in the western world who is unaware of the reality of climate change and the effect on human and animal life alike. Theologian Marie-Henry Keane reflects on the Divine compassion and pleads for us to recognise it in creation, the ‘theatre of God’s glory.’  

The God Adventure

Helen Grealy

Many people have written about their spiritual seeking as a journey. The road is open and inviting for each one of us. One thinks of Augustine and Patrick, Francis and Teresa. Helen Grealy begins a short series to charter the God Adventure.

Celtic Wisdom for Today

John Scally reaches back to the Celtic church and finds inspiration for Christians in the twenty-first century.

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