Coming Up in Spirituality, July/August 2021


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John Littleton

Many people were surprised and not a little intrigued by the title of a recent book, ‘The Best Catholics in the World.’ Written by an Irish-born journalist based in Berlin, it suggests that Ireland, and the Catholic Church in particular might learn from the German experience of dealing with national reconciliation as the Irish face their recent past. John Littleton reviews.


Truth Decay

Gerard O’Shaughnessy SDB

One of the major issues to have emerged in recent years is the wide acceptance of fake news, also called alternative facts, in plain English, lies. Gerard O’Shaughnessy reflects on the decay of truth in western society.


‘How I Came to Belong’

Angela Hanley

One of the issues raised by Derek Scally’s book, ‘The Best Catholics in the World’ is the poor understanding that Irish Catholics have of their faith. Angela Hanley shares her sense of wonder, gratitude and liberation, and sense of belonging, on studying theology.


Venturing Outdoors

Ben Harrison

The issue of climate change and threat to our planet home is now of major concern worldwide. Ben Harrison shares his experience of venturing out of doors and the healing effect of nature, God’s gift.


Wrestling with God

Eileen O’Connell OP

Myths and stories are an important part of every culture having much to teach us. Eileen O’Connell presents us with the story of Jonah and its challenges for us today.


The Beauty of Books

Carolyn Humphreys

Reading books is still one of the great pleasures of life. Carolyn Humphreys reminds us of the benefits for mind and spirit.


‘Seven Days to Freedom’

Frank Regan

The seven day week full of activity is now normal for many people. Frank Regan reviews a recent book on the ancient wisdom of sabbath rest and the need for all of us to take care of our health as a caring God wisely invites.


What is Love?

Mary Bridget Judge

Bridget Mary Judge invites her granddaughter on the eve of her marriage to think about what love is. The cherished and valuable experience of life is passed on from one generation to the next.


St Dominic, Light of the Church

Jordan O’Brien OP

This year marks the 800th anniversary of the death of St Dominic, founder of the Dominican Family.  He died on 8 August 1221 at Bologna, Italy.

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