What is the Point of Being a Christian?

In this book, Timothy Radcliffe is at his best, writing with a prophetic edge. His argument for Christian belief is profoundly Catholic and profoundly human. But what is just as remarkable, Radcliffe's argument for and interpretation of Christian Gospel is couched in a deep understanding of human nature and the problems and anxieties of modern men and women. Radcliffe is far distant from the theologian's ivory tower and yet his understanding of the Gospel is profoundly theological.

'What is the Point of Being a Christian? is a breath of fresh air at a time when such a thing is needed.

Published by Burns & Oates

About the Author

Timothy Radcliffe is a Dominican Friar. He was educated at Oxford and Paris, taught theology at Oxford, and was involved in ministry to people with AIDS. He was Provincial of the English Province of the Order, and then as Master of the Order, he travelled widely in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He is the author of Sing a New Song, Why go to Church?, Take the Plunge, I call you friends and Sveen Last Words among others.

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