Vatican Council II: The Basic Sixteen Documents

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The Church's twenty-one ecumenical councils have been crucial to its understanding of its biblical heritage. They have taken place less frequently in recent centuries, only three since 1517: Trent (1545-1563), Vatican I (1869-1870), and Vatican II (1962 - 1965). Their absorption into the day - to day practice of individual Christians has always taken time. And Vatican II has been no exception. Hence the importance of this completely revised translation of Vatican II's sixteen documents, without commentary or additional documentation, and in an inclusive language. A new edition of the documents of the twenty-first ecumenical council, for the twenty - first century.

This is a completely revised translation of the sixteen council documents in inclusive language. Inclusive language is used throughout in passages about men and women, not, however, in passages about God except where the use of the masculine pronoun was easily avoidable.

' important dimension of the project of Vatican II'. - Linda Hogan in Doctrine & Life

'...not only appropriate but necessary ... to be warmly welcomed.' - Anne Thurston in Religious Life Review

'...much easier to read cite without sounding odd or quaint. There is a new fluency here'. - Denis Carroll in The Furrow

'...the virtually definitive version for the normal bookshelf ... By finding an inclusive speech-form, Fr Flannery removes any possible misconception regarding what the Council had in mind.' - Louis McRedmond in The Tablet


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