Scripture in Church

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This subscription journal is intended as an aid to understanding the Scripture readings at Mass. The editorial team includes Wilfrid Harrington and Brendan McConvery. It appears four times a year.

Scripture in Church
October to December 2019

Issue 196

Sundays and Festivals

John F. Craghan, Thomas O’Loughlin, Bernard Treacy, Lionel Swain, Conor McDonough, Leonard Doohan, Helen Doohan, Seamus Tuohy, Pauline Logue Collins

Weekdays and Saints’ Days

Bernard Treacy, Anthony O’Leary, Carol Dorgan, Hilary Pyle

Biblical Essay

The Message of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew

+ Martin Drennan

Liturgical Essay

The Enduring Power and Attraction of Christmas

Susan K. Roll



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