Scripture in Church

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This subscription journal is intended as an aid to understanding the Scripture readings at Mass. The editorial team includes Wilfrid Harrington and Brendan McConvery.It appears four times a year.

January to March 2019

No. 193

Sundays and Festivals

Mary T. O’Brien, Peter O’Kane, Seamus Tuohy, Anthony O’Leary, Martin Browne, Kieran J. O’Mahony

Weekdays and Saints’ Days

Donagh O’Shea, Anthony O’Leary, Bernard Treacy


Martin Browne osb, is a monk of Glenstal Abbey, lectures in Scripture at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

Mary T. O’Brien is a Presentation Sister with wide experience of teaching Scripture in Ireland and elsewhere. She is currently a part-time lecturer at Mary Immaculate College / University of Limerick.

Peter O’Kane op is programme leader at the Priory Institute, Tallaght.

Anthony O’Leary cp has taught Scripture all his professional life.

Kieran J. O’Mahony osa is biblical studies coordinator for the archdiocese of Dublin and author of the website

Donagh O’Shea op, director of the Dominican Retreat House, Tallaght, writes the content of the His books include Go down to the Potter’s House: a Journey into Meditation (1988, 3rd edition 2013), Take Nothing for the Journey: Meditations on Time and Place (1990, 2nd edition 2013), In a Fitful Light: Conversations on Christian Living (1994), I Remember your Name in the Night: Thinking about Death (1997), The Way of the Cross (2003), and Faith Questions: Searching for Meaning and Hope (2013).

Bernard Treacy op is editor of Doctrine & Life.

Seamus Tuohy op teaches Scripture in the Dominican studium in Dublin and is programme leader for the MA in Biblical Studies at the Priory Institute, Tallaght.



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