Scripture in Church

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This subscription journal is intended as an aid to understanding the Scripture readings at Mass. The editorial team includes Wilfrid Harrington and Brendan McConvery. It appears four times a year.

Scripture in Church
April to June 2019

Introducing This Issue:: Marking a Jubilee

Brendan McConvery

Sundays and Festivals

Brendan McConvery, Christopher Hogg, Anthony Cassidy, Michael Mullins, Derek Ryan

Weekdays and Saints’ Days

Brendan McConvery, Fáinche Ryan, Bernard Treacy, Anna O’Farrell

Liturgical Essay: The Journey to Baptism

Patrick Jones


Anthony Cassidy taught Scripture in the Franciscan Study Centre, Canterbury and in the Philippines. He is currently pastor of St Matthew’s, West Norwood London.

Christopher Hogg, C.Ss.R., graduated in liturgy from the Institut Catholique in Paris. He a member of the Redemptorist Vice-Province of Fortaleza and is currently working in Portugal.

Patrick Jones, for many years Director of the National Centre for Liturgy, Maynooth, is now pastor of St Columba’s, Iona Road, Dublin.

Brendan McConvery, C.Ss.R., taught Scripture in St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. He currently works in Redemptorist Communications and is editor of Reality.

Michael Mullins was Professor of Sacred Scripture in St Patrick’s College, Maynooth and is now pastor of Holy Trinity Without, Ballybricken. He is author of commentaries on all four Gospels and on the Acts of the Apostles.

Anna O’Farrell’s prior academic training was in chemistry. She holds a Master’s in Theology from the Missionary Institute of the Holy Spirit, Dublin.

Derek Ryan, C.Ss.R., a native of County Meath, has worked as a member of an international mission community in Mozambique.

Fáinche Ryan is Director of the Loyola Institute, Trinity College, Dublin, and Professor in Systematic Theology.

Bernard Treacy, O.P., is editor of Doctrine & Life.

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