The Sign - Reading the Gospel of John

'This beautifully written book displays a profound understanding of the  Fourth  Gospel  - fruit,  obviously, of long study and contemplation.   Notable is the skilful  use of the Old Testament background.   It  would be hard to find a more enlightening and enriching introduction to  John.   Reflections at the close of each chapter are poetic, and deeply moving.'  - Wilfrid Harrington, O.P.

Being inspired, enthused, distracted and disturbed by the Fourth Gospel has led Seán Goan to put together this wonderfully written group of reflections on the Gospel of John.  

The reflections on this text that is around 1,900 years old, will appeal to anyone interested in how one reader has come to read, enjoy and be inspired by John’s presentation of what it means to believe in Jesus Christ. It will evoke thoughts on how this Gospel is different to the others in that there are no ‘miracles’ in John, only ‘signs’Seán Goan considers key moments in the Gospel that shape the story and offer insights into its meaning. These moments are: The Word; The Wine; The WomanThe ManThe BreadThe LightThe LifeThe SupperThe DyingThe Rising. 

Each chapter concludes with a personal reflection offered as an encouragement to the reader to engage with the Gospel text for personal enlightenment and guidance.  


Seán Goan is a Scripture scholar who has studied in Rome and Jerusalem. During his teaching career he has been very committed to adult faith development and has given courses and retreats on biblical topics in a wide variety of venues all around the country. In addition to his teaching and lecturing Seán has written commentaries on the Sunday readings as well as co-authoring a Religion textbook for secondary school students. He lives in Dublin and is married with three children. 


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