Shouldering the Lamb - Reflections on an Icon

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‘Prepare yourself to be taken on an unexpected journey! The image of Christ shouldering a lamb is familiar and much loved by many. Archbishop Richard brings a unique combination of pastoral and literary insights to these reflections, drawn from his studies, meditation and life experience. I found myself enlightened, challenged and moved as I read, and drawn deeper into contemplation of the Good Shepherd.’ + Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh

Shouldering the Lamb offers eleven meditations revolving around the ancient figure of the shepherd carrying a lamb across his shoulders. Viewing this image from many angles enables Archbishop Richard Clarke to reflect on how any carrying of another in the loving service of God and humankind is an echo, in some respect at least, of the God who is Love. These reflections are not just for the ordained but will speak to the needs of anyone whose life includes an element of identifying with the fear or pain of others. This can never be from a safe distance and will involve occasions when the care-giver must accept being carried without succumbing to a sense of being, in any way, a burden.
+ Richard Clarke began his ordained ministry in the Church of Ireland in Hollywood, Co. Down, later serving in his native Dublin in St Bartholomew’s, Clyde Road, and as chaplain at Trinity College. From there he moved to Bandon as rector before becoming Dean of St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork. Elected Bishop of Meath and Kildare in 1996, he became Archbishop of Armagh in December 2012. His first book And Is It True? was published by Dominican Publications in 2000.

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