Saint Dominic and the Order of Preachers

By Simon Tugwell OP

Some saints attract veneration even during their lifetime and leave behind, in the imagination of succeeding ages, a vivid remembrance of who they were. Others are more self-effacing: it is as if they hide behind the works they leave behind them and the ideal;s which they prompted others to follow. Saint Dominic was one such saint: when he dies in 1221, the order which he established, the Order of Preachers, commonly known as the Dominicans, buried him, sadly and affectionately, and then got on with the job he had given them.

Simon Tugwell, O,P, a member of the English Province, works in the Historical Institute of the Order in Rome. His books include The Way of the Preacher (1979), and Early Dominicans which he edited for the Classics of Western Spirituality series.

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