Strands from a Tapestry: A Story of Dominican Sisters in Latin America

The sisters started their work in Argentina by administering the school in Keating Institute in Buenos Aires. When Taylor's Hill joined the Cabra Congregation of Dominican Sisters, others joined the Argentine adventure and the work could be expanded. The decision to move into direct evangelisation through pastoral work in the barrios brought the sisters into direct involvement in the lives of the people. This enabled them to be assimilated into the Latin American Church and to respond to the challenge of accepting that closeness to the people who suffer can influence ways of living and praying.  

The story of the sisters' life and work is interwoven with the story of the poor Argentina and with an account of these changes brought about by the renewal movement in religious life. These linked stories put the reader in contact with the challenge of moving beyond traditional frontiers into new places, and of taking up new ways of praying, living and preaching the liberating message of the Gospel.

Mary O'Byrne is a member of the Cabra Congregation of the Dominican Sisters. After spending some years teaching in Ireland, she volunteered to work in Argentina where she has spent twenty - one years. There she learned to know and love the people of Latin America and their culture and become aware of the stand the Dominicans made in colonial times against the injustices and cruelty of the conquistadors. She also experienced at first hand the patience and tenacity of poor people in present - day Argentina in the face of untold difficulties and how they continue to live in hope in spite of all obstacles. She trusts that this struggle and hope will be evident to readers in these pages.  

Type: Book

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