The Grace and Task of Preaching

Edited by Michael Monshau OP

  • What is the point of preaching?
  • Does it bore God as well as the hearers?
  • Is it ever possible to preach helpfully on moral questions?
  • Can preaching learn anything from adult education?
  • How does preaching relate to a life of prayer or contemplation?
  • Why did Vatican II insist on the value of liturgical preaching?
  • What example can preachers take from the preaching of Jesus?
  • How does one preach on global issues?

This is but a sample of questions addressed by a team of scholars from Ireland, Britain, the USA, the Philippines, South Africa and Australia in The Grace and Task of Preaching. Among18 contributors are Timothy Radcliffe, Mary Catherine Hilkert, and Albert Nolan. These authors, skilled in biblical studies, theology and history, and personall committed to the duty and craft of preaching, help explore the implications of what the preacher attempts to do. They recognise both the challenge and the joy of having a part in the grace and task of preaching.

368 pages

‘There is much that preachers can learn from [this book]’. – John Littleton, president, National Conference of Priests of Ireland

 Dedicated to the Memory of Damian Byrne OP (1929-1966)

Category: Dominicana, Preaching

Type: Book

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