The Way of the Cross

Type: Book

Christian awareness is shaped by a particular death, the death of Jesus: his living and dying and rising are the energies that shape Christian identity. 

The Way of the Cross offers reflections on the fourteen traditional stopping-places or stations which mark out a path by which Christians may walk in the footsteps of Jesus, identifying themselves spirituality with him.

And, as many do today, The Way of the Cross adds a fifteenth station, the resurrection. 

Part Two is a resource for more leisurely reflection on each station. It provides scriptural texts, and it also brings us into the company of saints and mystics who have travelled this path before us. 

Donagh O' Shea O.P., director of the Dominican Centre Cork, has conducted retreats not only in Ireland and Britain but also in countries as diverse as Albania, Iceland, Norway, Pakistan, the Philippines and South Africa. 

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