To Love and to be Loved

Modern life, especially in the western world, makes questions about love intensely urgent. As personal mobility increases, as connections between people become more fragile, and as the question of personal identity is now a really challenging one, the meaning of love has become a central issue for reflective individuals and groups. In a short time, the developed world has moved from a culture of authority to a culture of choice. For good or for evil, a tradition-based culture has become a present-directed one.

These are some of the questions which priest and psychologist Desmond O’Donnell sets out to address in the 22 reflections he offers us in To Love and to Be Loved.
"… the product of decades of work and observation, of scholarship and of an ability to analyse some of the most difficult, wonderful and complex circumstances of life.’ – Baroness O’Loan

‘A work of rare brilliance.’ – Archbishop Richard Clarke
‘The author’s compassionate understanding of those he has counseled is matched by his knowledgeable reading of spiritual texts’. – Mary Kenny
'Yes, as the title suggests, love is the great driving force in all of our lives. It is at once uplifting and joyful, baffling and mysterious. We rarely find words that adequately do justice to this most profound of human experiences – love. Des O’Donnell has written a book that probes the mystery of love by building on his wide experience of its expression in so many human situations. Equally, he backs up his experience with a wide scholarship on the subject. He writes wisely and with great empathy for all our limitations when it comes to understanding this vast subject. I recommend this book to anyone looking for new insights or who simply needs confirmation of their personal experience of love.' - Willie Walsh, Bishop Emeritus of Killaloe
Desmond O’Donnell is a registered psychologist and an Oblate priest. His main academic interest is the interaction of psychology, culture, and faith. He has researched, lectured extensively on and written about these subjects in five continents over many years. He is also engaged in counselling and in spiritual accompaniment. He has written this book to help the modern person keep in touch with their deepest humanity in a fast-moving world.

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