Cabra Dominicans and All That Jazz: A Story of Dominican Sisters in Louisiana

Maris Stella McKeown OP

This book tells the story of how a group of Irish Dominican sisters answered an urgent appeal in 1968 to teach in a school in New Orleans. Since that time sisters have set out courageously, often at short notice, to face the emerging challenges of different cultures, institutions, and systems. 

It shows how the renewal of Religious Life which followed Vatican II enriched the sisters' lives as Dominicans, prompting them to widen their ministries in response to the needs of the people and the sisters' renewed sense of vocation.

Cabra Dominicans and All That Jazz celebrates the gifts of the Cabra Sisters and of the people to whom they minister in Louisiana. It is the story of a small but vital part of the life, ministry, and history of a congregation whose members also live and work in other parts of the world. The book was completed shortly before the city and the lives of its citizens, including the sisters, were changed forever by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath (2005). That chapter of the story remains to be written.

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