Do This In Memory Of Me

By Pierre Simson MAfr

"This man welcomes sinners and eats with them"

'Any book that takes us back to the practice of Jesus is to be welcomed. Do This In Memory Of Me focuses on the role that meals played in the ministry of Jesus. He scandalised the pious by welcoming sinners and eating with them. It is the same Jesus that we encounter in the Eucharist. Therefore, the Eucharist must be a place where sinners experience acceptance, healing and forgiveness. When Jesus says, "Do this in memory of me", he is saying that we, too, must welcome sinners and eat with them. Therein lies a great challenge. Simson deserves our gratitude for spelling it out so clearly.' - Flor McCarthy SDB, author of New Sunday and Holy Day Liturgies

Type: Book


'In recent years Christ's meals with sinners in the gospel have received more and more attention from scholars. In this book, Fr Simson takes these meals as the key to his vision of the Eucharist as the sacrament of unity. Wearing his scholarship lightly, he goes through the New Testament to give us a view of the Eucharistic celebration which is easy to understand, ecumenically open and spiritually challenging.' - Raymond Moloney SJ, Milltown Insititute of Philosophy and Theology, Dublin. 


About the Author 

Pierre Simson, a Missionary of Africa (White Fathers), is from Western France. He was ordained in 1951 and took a degree in Scripture at the Biblical Institue in Rome, and spent all his active mission life teaching the Scriptures in London, North Africa, East Africa and finally in Jerusalem where he spent thirteen years, taking part in Renewal Sessions for his confreres and for African Clergy. He now lives in Dublin where his ministry includes retreat work and accompanying Bible Groups. 

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