Follow Me! - Preaching in the Year of Matthew

By Bill East

Fr Bill East brings a wealth of experience to this book of sermons for every Sunday cycle A in the lectionary. Ministering as a Catholic priest in the diocese of Middlesborough since 1996, he had previously served in the Church of England in London and Sunderland. Before that, he had lectured in English at University College, Cork. He contributes to Scripture in Church and is one of the team of translators working for ICEL on the Roman Missal.

Throughout his long pastoral ministry, Fr East has kept up his studies and literary output, publishing works on Chaucer and on Peter Abelard.

'I am confident that the reader will find here a series of homilies to feed mind, heart and soul in a wholesome way. Bill East has brought to his task a scholar's depth allied to a communicator's skill, so the learning is a servant to the text, not its master. You will find here, I think, familiar themes freshly addressed and with a pastor's approach.' - Bishop John Crowley

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