Doctrine & Life - March 2018

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With Pope Francis actively examining the possibility of women being ordained as deacons, one question presenting itself is: What difference, if any, would this make to the life and work of convents throughout the Church?

This is a question Phyllis Zagano examines in detail in the March issue of Doctrine & Life.

Single copies of this issue are available on this website, €5.00 each, including post and packing.


This issue also includes:

Lost Children

David Begg examines the implications for public policy of the fact that, on any one day, 132,000 children in Ireland are living in consistent poverty.

Families: Their Shapes, Their Needs, and the Pressures They Face

Archbishop Michael Jackson, encouraging his own Anglican congregation to become involved in The World Meeting of Families convened by Pope Francis for August next, reflects on the need for compassion and outreach towards families under pressure.

Are People Really ‘Not Religious’?

Thomas O’Loughlin concludes his five-part series on Theology and Christian Discipleship.

Dermot Healy’s Endless Quest for the Absolute

Eamon Maher outlines the powers of observation and description, the storytelling capacities, the compassion and empathy that make Dermot Healy an author of substance.

Illuminating Science and Faith

Seán O’Leary argues that faith and science can provide us with harmonious narratives of the universe that help us to deepen our understanding and appreciation of our existence by engaging all of our faculties in a way that is both real and fulfilling.

Reason and Religion in the Thought of Joseph Ratzinger

Philip Cremin offers a survey of key themes and approaches in the work of the first professional theologian to become pope since the early nineteenth century.

Practising Ecumenism

Jackie Minnock introduces two figures who were key in helping the churches embark on the ecumenical journey.

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